Lariat Assessment Program

ec-lap-logoThe Lariat Program is a short-term residential treatment program that serves children and adolescents ages 8 to 17 with IQs that fall between 40 and 90.  They many be facing a combination of behavioral, social and learning difficulties.  The short-term program takes place over a period of two weeks to three months.

Primary Goal

To interrupt psychiatric and behavioral decline for children and adolescents who unsuccessfully cycle through acute, residential or outpatient treatment.

Secondary Goal

To discharge the child or adolescent with an information packet that provides a clear description of the neurological, psychological and behavioral challenges the child or adolescent faces.  The packet will also provide care recommendations, concrete tactile therapeutic strategies and guidelines for improved day-to-day functioning.

The Lariat Assessment Program is for individuals who have been diagnosed with one or more of the following:

▪  Anxiety ▪  Autism ▪  Brain Injuries
▪  Developmental Delays ▪  Depression / Mood Disorders ▪  Diabetes
▪  Psychiatric / Pervasive Developmental Disorders ▪  Psychiatric / Substance Abuse ▪  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
▪  Genetic Disorders ▪  Learning Disorders ▪  Seizure Disorder

A comprehensive team works to create individualized, multi-faceted strategies and recommendations for optimal discharge.  The team includes board certified child and adolescent psychiatrists, a neuropsychologist, clinical therapist, occupational therapist, speech and language pathologist, recreational therapist, vocational rehab counselors, case managers, special education teachers and nurses.  The teams are full-time employees at Texas NeuroRehab Center, and this allows for consistent monitoring in a variety of environments such as the treatment units and classrooms.

Each evaluation pinpoints individual characteristics, abilities and areas of improvement.  These evaluations are used to create a discharge packet with evaluations from each discipline and a comprehensive treatment plan with specific recommendations.