Residential Neurobehavioral Services


Texas NeuroRehab Center works with boys and girls ages 8-17 with IQs that fall between 40-90.  They may be facing a combination of complex medical, behavioral, social and learning difficulties.

The primary goal of residential treatment for youth is to promote appropriate interaction and behavior to allow for discharge to a less restrictive setting.

Family and friends are involved throughout the treatment process to share effective approaches and meet common goals.

A versatile treatment team works to create individualized, multi-faceted strategies that guide the treatment process. It is through this approach that necessary developmental, psychosocial and independent living skills are learned.

 Treatment Capabilities

Autism Seizure Disorder
Asthma or Respiratory Disorders
Fetal Alcohol Symdrome Disorder – FASD Genetic Disorders
Medical Complications Learning Disorders
▪ Dual Diagnosis