Inpatient Rehabilitation

rehab-1Bluebonnet Medical Rehabilitation Hospital at Texas NeuroRehab Center provides acute medical rehabilitation and long-term acute care services.

Patient Profile

Age: 13 years & up Gender: Male & Female

Levels of Care

▪ Acute Medical Rehabilitation ▪ Long Term Acute Care

Common Diagnoses: Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Anoxia, Brain Tumor, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Respiratory Failure, Vent/Trach Dependent, Wounds, Diabetes, Amputations, Orthopedic or Severe Physical Disabilities, and other neurological or debilitating diagnoses.


Message by James Boysen, MD – Medical Director

  Areas of Expertise

▪  Acquired Brain Injury ▪  Complex Wound Care ▪  Stroke / CVA
▪  Complex Medical Care including Dialysis ▪  Pulmonary Disease including   Ventilator/Tracheotomy Weaning ▪  Multiple Trauma including Orthopedic Injuries
▪  Other Neurological Diagnosis



▪  Comprehensive Evaluation

▪  Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies

▪  Neuropsychological Services

▪  Formal Family Education and Training

▪  Case Management and Discharge Planning

▪  Bioness Hand and Foot Electrical Stimulation Systems


▪  Insurance   ▪  Medicare

▪  Workers’ Compensation  ▪    Private Pay

Patient & Family Satisfaction

▪  92 percent rated quality of care as excellent or good

▪  90 percent believed their treatment outcomes were excellent or good

▪  95 percent rated therapists as excellent or good