Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a health care specialty involved in evaluating and treating disorders of neurologic or musculoskeletal systems, Physical therapy staff use specialized evaluation and treatment techniques to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, prevent injury/disability. Physical therapists examine each individual and develop a customized treatment plan based to meet the patient’s needs and patient goals. Physical therapy works with patients to maximize their independence, safety and ability to return to their prior level of function.

Evaluation  tnc-pt-gym

Provided by a licensed physical therapist to access the following:

▪  Neuromotor performance

▪  Posture and balance

▪  Skin integrity and breakdown risk

▪  Strength and range of motion/muscle tone

▪  Need for adaptive and specialized equipment

▪  Cardiovascular fitness/endurance

▪  Mobility and safety


Therapeutic Treatmenttnc-pt-1

An individualized treatment plan serves as framework for reaching defined goals.  The physical therapists serve as advocates and continued resources for the patient and family.  Once every two weeks the treatment team meets and develops an individualized treatment plan.

The treatment plan is adjusted according to patient response to therapies and may include the following:

▪  Wound care

▪  Balance training

▪  Vestibular training

▪  Aquatic therapy

▪  Neuromuscular re-education

▪  Therapeutic exercise

▪  Gait training

▪  Functional activity training

▪  Serial casting and tone management

▪  Caregiver training and family education

▪  Modalities to promote more normalize

▪  Mobility safety training movement or reduce pain