Discharge Planning

tnc-discharge-planningDischarge planning begins upon admission in preparation for successful transition to the next level of care.  The discharge planning process is individualized based on the patient’s living situation and progress during treatment. Beginning with admission and continuing through discharge, the treatment team develops and implements a plan of care with the patient and family.

Planning may include:


▪  Steps to ensure a safe living environment

▪  Coordination of the care, assistance and special equipment required

▪  Arrangements of additional treatment services

▪  Assistance in choosing a healthcare provider

▪  Determination of the caregiver

▪  Community service resources


Family involvement and education are integral parts of the treatment process.  Psychologists and social workers offer counseling and crisis intervention to assist with emotional concerns that may arise during treatment.  Extensive family education and resources are provided, and family members are encouraged to attend and actively participate in therapy sessions.  Family support during treatment provides encouragement and assurance in re-establishing familiar routines.