Sensory Integration

ec-sensoryTexas NeuroRehab’s occupational therapy team has over 35 years of experience providing treatment that addresses sensory processing skills. These skills include information processed by the brain through the senses of sight, touch, sound,movement, muscle and joint awareness and the pull of gravity.

Individuals that require sensory integration therapy may be overly sensitive or under reactive to environmental stimuli, and may have difficulties sequencing and organizing motor tasks. As a result, their attention span, ability to modulate activity level, safety, learning skills and behavior control may be significantly effected.

Often sensory integration therapy incorporates swinging, spinning, tactile, visual,auditory and taste experiences that seem to a child more like play. A designated sensory integration room filled with sensory tools and equipment helps children learn to better process sensory stimuli. Sensory integration is the foundation for developmental and independent living skills.

Message by Tere Sariol, Senior OT