Speech and Language Therapy

The speech and language pathology department uses age appropriate assessments and clinical observation to determine level of functioning and pinpoint areas of improvement. Therapy addresses executive functioning, especially cognition, receptive and expressive language and social communication in terms of how they effect safety, independence, academic, social and vocational success. Treatment of these language deficits may be delivered independently or embedded in a range of contexts including the milieu, pre-vocation settings or classrooms. The capacities of the speech and language department, while varied, focus on important language skills needed for daily communication.

The PROJECTS program within the speech and language department focuses on continued development of executive functioning skills. Planning, organization, use of information and feedback, initiation and follow through, reasoning skills, problem solving and social competence are challenged in the PROJECTS program. The children and adolescents are involved in mutually beneficial group projects for the campus and community, while gaining greater levels of independence.