The Ranch Achievement Program – Therapeutic Day Program







Important Announcement from The Ranch Achievement Program


The Ranch Achievement Program has served the Greater Austin community for over 6 years. It has been our privilege to work with so many youth, their families, mental health and educational professionals.

We have made a hard decision to close the program. This decision was difficult for our Leadership because of our loyalty to and respect for the program. The Ranch Achievement Program team members created a strong program with a great reputation.

The Ranch Achievement Program met a need in the community for years when there were limited resources. The resources in Austin have grown tremendously over the past years. Texas NeuroRehab Center is not an acute psychiatric hospital for children/adolescents and our residential treatment services are designed for lower functioning youth. We do not have the ability to step down from a program or step up to our program when a child needs to be stabilized. The program and population do not fit our business treatment model of working with neurologically impaired individuals.

Our last day for scheduling assessments is Monday, July 17, 2017. We will continue to be operational through the end of August and complete our treatment with all the children and adolescents currently in our program. We will host the parent presentation scheduled for July 19, 2017.

Our sister hospital, Austin Oaks, is located 3.5 miles from our program. They are an acute psychiatric hospital with a full continuum of care including PHP and IOP programs for adolescents and plan to serve children (8 – 12 years) in their PHP and IOP programs by September. Austin Oaks Hospital has the ability to step down youth from their acute level of care to PHP and IOP and to quickly stabilize in acute care from PHP and IOP as needed. Assessments for the PHP and IOP programs can be scheduled 24/7 seven days a week. Austin Oaks is exploring expansion of their PHP and IOP services for adolescents to an additional location in North Austin. You can reach Austin Oaks by calling 512-440-4800.

Again, thank you for the opportunity of working with your clients, patients and families over the years.

The Ranch Achievement Program Staff