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The commitment to make interactions with patients and staff members impressive and positive, is one of the reasons many employees have been with us for over 20 years.


We are always looking for qualified individuals to join our team.


Our Mission:

To provide superior neurobehavioral and medical healthcare services that:

  • Patients recommend to families and friends
  • Physicians prefer for their patients
  • Purchasers select for their clients
  • Employees are proud of
  • Investors seek for long-term results

Service Excellence

Texas NeuroRehab Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Thank you for your interest in employment with Texas Neuro Rehab Center. Our standards help to determine everything we do and everything we accomplish. Our employees truly make a difference in the quality of healthcare we provide to our patients in the communities we serve.

The Service Excellence Program at Texas NeuroRehab Center is guided by the following three standards:

  1. Treat Everyone as a Guest
  2. Demonstrate Professionalism and Excellence in the Things I Do
  3. Practice Teamwork