Bluebonnet Medical Rehabilitation Hospital (ages 13 and older)

Specialized care for individuals with brain injury and medically complex issues.  Learn more

▪  Long Term Acute Care (LTAC)

▪  Acute Medical Rehabilitation

Bluebonnet Medical Rehab Clinic  (ages 13 and older)

Fostering Health and Independence

Outpatient treatment for individuals recovering from medical complications, brain injury, stroke, and other neurological impairments.  Learn more

Areas of Expertise

▪  Acquired Brain Injury  ▪  Complex Wound Care
▪  Stroke / CVA ▪  Pulmonary Disease
▪  Complex Medical Care &  Dialysis ▪  Multiple Trauma & Orthopedic Injuries
▪  Ventilator / Tracheotomy Weaning ▪  Other Neurological Diagnosis